TechArt Porsche modification can be described as perfect, more perfect appearance and painting, more strong power performance, more attractive interior, this is the TechArt strength lies, and now they have a presentation that is based on the Porsche-Cayenne build a new Magnum, also with a black coating, the maximum power up to 600 horsepower, version of the Cayenne Turbo is absolutely super transfiguration. TechArt Magnum modified car uses the finest Swiss-style "de Sede of Switzerland" interior assembly, and a luxury furniture manufacturers par, the installation kit includes alloy wheels, a carbon fiber material, the interior is white contrast textured leather, quite charm, Microsuede storage box, a refrigerator in the back seat, the necessary hi-fi a / V stereo, PS2 interface, a wireless headset, really enjoyed! Germany Edo Competition Porsche Cayenne GTS recently released a special body kit and performance of conversion kits. Cayenne GTS Edo Competition provides high-flow air filter, high performance ECU, high-flow catalytic converters, this alone can already make three changes to the GTS power output increased from 405ps to 450ps, the peak torque has also increased to 530Nm @ 3,800rpm; 0- 100km / h acceleration time from 6.5 seconds to 6.4 seconds a slight upgrade, speed from 250km / h up to 270km / h. In addition Edo Competition is also preparing for the Cayenne GTS six giant calliper disc brakes, electronically controlled sports suspension provides up to 14 settings; lost motion body kit front and rear side of the car and surrounded Qunjiao, the first increase in four more lip fog lamps add domineering; 22-inch alloy wheels equipped with 295/30 ZR22 sport tires. As for the car interior modification, Edo not only offers aluminum pedals and carbon fiber panels, seats and inside the cage can also provide a variety of different colors and materials wrapped according to customer requirements.